About tomatornado

Say again! tomato? tomatotornado? – NO, we are no part of it.

Once we met each other at a party and drew together rocket stories on the brittle carpet. And both of us saw it: we do tomatornado! Whatever that means. Today, twelve years later, tomatornado seams to be a little illustration office, where we develop and draw our stories: about the brave knight Schweinkopf (pig head), the adventures of Dr. Kolb, inspector Schmolle's puzzling cases or the voyages of Ava and Juri across the daydream land. Sometimes we need money. In this case we are also able to draw serious things like explaining the principles of photovoltaik or how your new business strategy performs. We show how students find a suitable private tutor or give you beauty tipps.

This is the official version. But who knows, tomatornado can also be something totally different.
In fact – maybe we plan the sovereignty of the world by rusty robo zombies.

Who We Are

We are Jürgen Blankenhagen and Dorothea Blankenhagen and our four year old son. We love pirates, knights, steam trains and cardbord. We live and work in Berlin.


Our specialties are:

children's book, school book, fashion illustration, visualizationinfographic, sketching

Portfolio: Dorothea Blankenhagen
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