TITLE A human request

JOB Visual effects, visual art and set decoration for a short film

CLIENT Barbara Falkner at Film and Television University "Konrad Wolf" (HFF) and Goethe-Institut

YEAR 2007

COPYRIGHT Jürgen Blankenhagen & Dorothea Blankenhagen


ABOUT PROJECT The film shows a picture of the comitted discussions which led to the first universal declaration of human rights in 1948.


FIRST PRICE & FESTIVALS First price for Germany at the international constest "All human are born free and equal" of Goethe-Institut at the International Festival of Film Academies in Munich. Screened at Festivals in Germany (Berlin, Munich, Wiesbaden, Görlitz) Spain (Barcelona), Portugal (Setúbal), Bulgaria (Balchik), Serbia (Belgrade), Czechia (Prague), Russia (Moscow), Hong Kong, South Korea (Chuncheon, Gangwon-Do) and on Germanys TV broadcaster 3SAT.


» hff-potsdam.de/.../human-request

» goethe.de/.../pressemitteilung

Animated main title and sequence on Vimeo

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